Who: All Veterans and Law Enforcement

When: April 8th 2017 at 10:00am

Where: Great Guns outside Nunn CO

How much:$20 per competitor



Details-           Tactical pistol and rifle competition. 

Weapons info-       Any pistols are allowed, any military style weapons are also allowed (AK's, AR-15's, AR-10's, Remington 700s, etc.).  One request is that no steel core ammo will be used due to the metal targets. 

Competition info-     The stages will include move and shoots, pistol rifle transitions, shooting from cover, semi-long distance (100yds), and long distance (300yds).  

Fee info-     $10 is range fee, $5 goes to expenses for the event, $5 goes to 22Kills, a great veteran's non profit.  

This is the fourth year that this event has been around.  Last year was amazing, to check out some photos from last year, click here.


Pizza Casbah will have a food truck, so come hungry!



Sponsors include

  • Matador Mexican Grill,

  • Feisty Spirits

  • AA Targets,

  • Phoenix Weaponry

  • Pizza Casbah