Can you help us out?

There are a few things we need help with.  

Last year it was asked that we have golf cards or side by sides to cart people back and forth from the stages to the clubhouse.  I have not been able to secure any this year, so if you have one, or know someone who has one that would be willing to let us borrow them please let me know at

The last thing is Range Safety Officers (RSO).  If you are an RSO, or know an RSO who would be willing to help us out, please send me an email at

Been to a competition and have some stuff you won but do not particularly want?  Bring it to the event to give as prizes!

Interested in sponsoring the event?  If so, shoot me an email at !


One last thing, if you have a truck and are willing to help us mule some stuff back and forth from the range, please shoot me an email at!